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This Spider is Handsome


Warning to arachnophobes: stop reading this post now.

Jumping SpiderWhen you watch the video below of a male jumping spider, I just don't understand why even an arachnophobe wouldn't fall in love.  I mean, this little guy is the most handsomest spider ever. Just look as his fashionable orange legs, his deep green eyes, and how meticulously he grooms his hipster mustache.

Beyond his good looks, this jumping spider also has a great attitude.  Just look at the way to boldly takes in everything around him, with utter confidence in his ability to take on the world.  A red ant wants you to get out of the way? "I don't think so."  A giant human scooches you onto its hand?  "Well, ok, I'll go for a ride, but the minute you try anything funny, I'm outta here."  How can you not love such spunk?

He's even got a Facebook page.

Seriously though, the wonders of macro lenses really show what an amazing and almost alien world exists all around us, just at a scale that we wouldn't normally pay attention to or sometimes even see.

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