Albino or Leucistic

White Chipmunk Stands Out


My friend Eric Sorensen (Chief Meteorologist at WREX-TV in Rockford, IL) posted this awesome pic of a very rare chipmunk to Facebook. The photo was sent to him by Connie Fry, who snapped it in her garden.

Connie reports: "He was eating my begonias...of course. I have not seen him since the day I snapped this pic. Either I've missed him or he's traveled on. It was a true albino, pink eyes and all! Thanks for your interest. No one that I've shown the pic to has seen one."

Albino chipmunk

Photo by Connie Fry via Eric Sorensen.

Well, Connie, you'll be sad to hear that you haven't seen this little chippy again because he probably ended up a meal for some local predator. Albino animals lack the natural camouflage of the standard-colored kin, and oftentimes end up easy prey as a result. But at least your begonias will survive!

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