Rare White Jackal Photographed in Iran


This is pretty cool.  A white jackal has been photographed by conservationists with the Iranian Cheetah Society.

The animal was captured on game camera deployed to monitor the movements of the very rare Asiatic cheetah, which is only now found in Iran.  While jackals are common in the area, ones with white fur are not.  This particular jackal is either albino (lacking any pigment) or leucistic (lacking most pigment).  

Either way it's definitely an animal oddity!

White jackal
Photo by the Iranian Cheetah Soceity via Wildlife Extra.

From the Iranian Cheetah Society's Facebook page:

"Iranian Cheetah Society (ICS) is a non-governmental, non-profitable organization in order to save the biodiversity with the Asiatic cheetah as flagship species which is left only in Iran. The ICS is a sophisticated NGO devoted to save the Iranian “Big Five” Carnivores which are normally in conflict with local communities. It has been established in 2001 (registeration number 13640) and hopes to celebrate its first decade of biodiversity conservation soon."

Sounds pretty awesome to me!

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