Bull Sharks Live in Potomac River


As a resident of Washington DC, this brings Shark Week much closer to home for me.  I recently learned that there are documented cases of bull sharks swimming in the Potomac River.

The Washington Post reports:

"Willy Dean was on the Potomac River in a 22-foot skiff Tuesday morning when he realized there was something both abnormal and enormous in his net. It was a deadly 8-foot-1 bull shark, a 300-pound-plus killer that had likely been feasting on cownose rays at Cornfield Harbor, just off the shores of Point Lookout State Park....

...But it wasn't even the only one caught on the river during what has apparently become Shark Week on the Potomac. Thomas Crowder, a commercial fisherman from St. Mary's County, said he and his crew were cutting a net near Tall Timbers on Wednesday when an even bigger bull shark was trapped."

Credit: ThinkStock

Bull sharks are unique in that they are specially adapted to be able to survive in both salt and fresh water, and they have been documented hundreds of miles up freshwater rivers.  They are also one of the species that most likely to attack humans.

While the area of the Potomac River where the bull sharks were caught is pretty far away from DC, I will definitely be thinking of them next time im out in a kayak on the river.

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