Is this Half-Brindle Dog a Chimera Like Venus the Cat?


A reader sent me some pictures of her rather odd and extraordinary dog, wondering if I could explain his appearance where half his body is fawn-colored and the other half is brindle (no doubt after reading my post about Venus the chimera cat).

Here's the email with few questions, follwed by a couple of photos.  If you have any insight as to what has caused Hunter the dog's unique appearance, leave a comment here.

"I was wondering if you have seen anything similar to my dog before. He literally looks split in half, two different brindles fused together? I'm looking for information about what this means and what causes it. I haven't been able to find anything similar to it unfortunately, all I can find is oddly spotted animals and some animals who have a single feature split, but nothing like Hunter, where he is completely split. Any info would be appreciated."

Half Brindled Dog
Half Brindled Dog 2
Photos by Marie Amaya.

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