Deer Rips Other Deer's Head Off


As fans of Finding Bigfoot will know, there are a lot of websites out there dedicated to the Bigfoot mystery.  They are also a great source of fodder for this blog.

With that in mind, I stumbled on this shocking photo on the Bigfoot Evidence blog:

Deer Head
Photo Earl Fisher via Bigfoot Evidence blog.

As with any strange photo making the rounds on the internet, many have immediately called it a fake, claiming "hoax!" and "photoshop!" -- and this isn't even about Bigfoot.  

I can't verify this photo's veracity, but I would say that it certainly is possible for a deer to rip another deer's head off. During the fall rut, bucks battle each other for mating rights.  Sometimes their antlers become locked together. Typically, this is bad news for both animals, which ultimately cannot feed or run and either starve or become easy pickings for predators.

It's possible, however, that one of the two animals succumbed to starvation sooner than the other, and that the survivor was able to pull, twist and paw at the corpse of his one-time opponent over the course of hours or days until the entire head was severed.

That appears to be what happened here.  Oh nature, red in tooth and claw...and antler.

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