Eagle Tries to Snatch Infant


Have you seen The Hobbit yet?  It won't give away too much to say that a critical scene involving eagles from the fantasy film almost became a reality in Montreal, at least according to this video that was just posted to YouTube.  

Check out the video and then see below for my thoughts on whether or not this is real. 

Thankfully, this video is a fake.  

That said, it's not outside the realm of an eagle's physical ability.  Eagles are large predators that are known to kill and carry off young deer (not always successfully), to pull mountain goat off cliffs to their deaths, and are even used to hunt and kill wolves in Mongolia.

A small human child would be no big deal for a hungry eagle.  While it's not something that actually happens today, there's strong evidence that suggests eagles preyed upon infants of early human species.

The hoaxer of this video was probably trying to capitalize on the popularity of The Hobbit movie, and even had the child wearing an animal-head hat as if to suggest the eagle mistook it for normal prey.

Very clever, but kind of sick.

Many eagle species are on the decline, and need our help, not bad publicity.


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Story via the blog Jeromie Williams Eats the Internet for Breakfast.
Photo by jack_spellingbacon via Flickr Creative Commons.

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