Talented Dogs Play Piano


We all know that the saying "you can't teach and old dog new tricks" isn't true.  Dogs of any age are very good at learning, provided they are properly trained by their people.  But most dogs probably couldn't learn to play a piano like the golden retreivers do in this video. 

The woman who trained these dogs and posted the video to YouTube got some teasing for having too much time on her hands.  She gave a response that is perfect in my opinion:

Dogs play piano
"But as I see it, if you have dogs you have to take time to spend with them, both for physical and mental workout and for just spending time together (not necessarily playing the piano, of course. There are numerous other activities you can share with them). In my view, this is time spent well. I can do without TV and other time-consuming hobbies. And I hardly ever go out without the dogs. I've never regretted it."

I couldn't agree more!  Oh, and how awesome is it that the song they are playing is called The Flea Waltz?

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