Jesus Appears on Back of Stingray?


Happy Easter!  Every once in a while you hear a story of how the image of Jesus appears in unlikely places, including food items, clouds, water stains and MRIs.  In keeping with the holiday, here's another such example of what looks to be the face of a man that fits the description of most Americans' mental image of Jesus.

Jesus stingray reports:

"A new sighting of Jesus is making headlines just in time for the holy week of Easter. Last Friday, Erica Scheldt, a 24 year-old woman was walking along the beach at James Island, South Carolina when she spotted a dead cownose stingray that had washed ashore. That's not an uncommon experience but there was something unusual about the animal that made her take a picture of it. It appeared to have the haunting image of the face of a man on its back."

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Photo credit:  Jessica Scheldt/Instagram via

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