Dog and Pig are Besties


Here's an adorable story of an odd animal companionship that I just read on  A Kansas woman was driving down the road and saw something fly off of a truck that was ahead of her.  It turned out that the truck was carrying livestock and the thing that flew out was a tiny piglet.  

Dog and pigLuckily for the piglet, the woman turned around and picked it up from the side of the road, where it lay bruised, battered and unconsious.  She brought it to a vet, who, despite some pretty severe damage which included a bad concussion and blindness in one eye, was able to save the tiny creature's life.

And now, the piglet has a buddy and protector in the form of the family dog, Hunter.  They named the pig Mu Shu and have decided to keep her as another family pet. With so much horror going on the world, both for people and animals, it's nice to hear a story with a happy ending.

Here's a news report showing the two besties.  So cute!


Rescued piglet befriends dog:


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