Catching Giant Fish with Corn


Jeremy WadeWhat I like most about extreme angler Jeremy Wade is that he's so non-sensationalist about the giant creatures he pulls out the of the world's rivers and lakes.  He's always so calm and his voice so soothing--even when he's struggling with a humongous fish while there's drama going on all around him--you almost get a sense of peace and calm watching him.  

Maybe that's his trick for catching huge and sometimes dangerous fish.  It's certainly part of the trick in catching viewers for the show, myself included!

I had to share the video below from Jeremy's show River Monsters because of the odd method he used to catch this bizarre-looking and massive Mekong catfish (which looks like a monster out of a scifi film to me).


Catch Jeremy on River Monsters airing Sundays at 10pm e/p. 

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