Cat Pees in Toilet, Then "Flushes"


Potty humor never gets old. Check out this very talented kitty, who apparently has taught herself to use the toilet instead of a standard cat litter box.  After she finishes her "business" she even turns around and looks like she's trying to flush the toilet.

This odd behavior isn't really so odd if you know a little bit about cats' natural bathroom proclivities.  Generally speaking, unless they're scent marking for territorial purposes, cats naturally cover their waste.  This is true of wild cats as well as domestic ones.

Cat on ToiletThis is why a litter box works.   Cats naturally find one spot to go to relieve themselves, and they prefer to pick a spot with loose soil or leaves so that it's easy to cover up their waste.  Given the choice of a doing their business on a hard floor or a carpet versus a box filled with kitty litter, most cats will natually pick the litter box.

In this case, when the cat turns around and paws at the back of the toilet, she's not actually trying to pull the flush handle even though that's what it looks like she's doing.  Instead, she is just doing what all cats are hardwired to do: cover their waste.  The fact that there's no loose soil or kitty litter to do the job doesn't matter when it comes to this powerful instinct.  The cat has to go through the motions nonetheless.

So while it looks odd and is definitely chuckle-inducing, it's really just a cat doing its natural thing.

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