Two Rare Animals Captured on Film


I love writing about photos of animals that are odd because they are so rare.  Recently, two such species were captured on camera, one for the first time ever alive.

The first is a feline known as the bay cat.  This rare and endangered creature is native to the jungles of Borneo and almost nothing is known about it due to its scarcity and natural elusiveness. reports:

"Although known to science for 138 years, almost nothing is actually known about the bay cat (Pardofelis badia). This reddish-brown wild feline, endemic to the island of Borneo, has entirely eluded researchers and conservationists. The first photo of the cat wasn't taken until 1998 and the first video was shot just two years ago, but basic information remains lacking. A new camera trap study, however, in the Kelabit Highlands of the Malaysian state of Sarawak has added to the little knowledge we have by photographing a bay cat at never before seen elevations."

Here's the picture from the camera trap:
Bay cat

Photo by J. Brodie and A. Giordano via 

Here is the first video of the bay cat mentioned above.


And another picture to show you what the cat's face looks like:


Photo by Jo Ross and Andrew Hearn/Global Canopy Programme via

The second rare animal that has been photographed is the Myanmar snub-nosed monkey.  I wrote about this awesome-looking primate a while back when one was photographed after having been killed for food by a local hunter.

Now, scientists have captured a few photographs of living examples of these bizarrely-faced monkeys, which is pretty amazing.


Photo by FFI/BANCA/PRCF via The Prancing Papio.

Snub nosed monkey

Photo by FFI/BANCA/PRCF via The Prancing Papio.

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