House Cat vs. Mountain Lion


In most places, you don't expect to look out your back doors to see a mountain lion sitting on your deck looking in.  Even more, you don't expect your pet cat to face off with its much larger wild cousin -- but that's exactly what happened to one Boulder, Colorado woman.

Watch this video to hear the story of Zeus the Maine coon cat and his encounter with a mountion lion.


Sounds like this was a juvenile mountain lion that probably didn't know better than to approach a human home so closely.  This kind of behavior does happen from time to time in places where mountian lions roam. 

As we continue to push human development out into the what was once wilderness, often these big predators have nowhere else to go when they reach adulthood and are pushed out of their mothers' territories.  Often they wander into the suburbs and even cities, so it pays to be aware if you live in mountain lion country.

Cat and Mountain Lion Face off
Photo by Gail Loveman.


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