Do These Photos Show a Real Bigfoot?


A Canadian group dedicated to researching the existence and behaviors of the cryptozoological creature known as Bigfoot or Sasquatch claims to have incontrovertible evidence of the creature's existence. 

Todd Standing of the Bigfoot group called Sylvanic claims to have been observing a group of these creatures living in the Banff wilderness area. More extraordinarily, he claims to have photos and even videos of the creatures than are clearer than anything else ever seen, inclding the famed Patterson-Gimlin film.

Here's one example that purportedly shows a living Bigfoot.

Bigfoot Banff Calgary Sun

Needless to say, many are skeptical of these claims and the photos that have been released such as the one above.  What do you think?  Deliberate hoax?  Misidentification? The real deal?

We might know the answer sooner rather than later.  Standing claims to have have collected hair samples and is in the process of having the DNA tested to prove, if nothing else, that the hair didn't come from a human, ape, monkey or other known animal.  He hopes to have the DNA results this October.  Although if past hair sample tests are anything to go on, nothing will be conclusive.

One thing's for certain, Banff is no stranger to Bigfoot sightings.  A simple google search on "Banff Bigfoot" returns pages of hits, many focusing on video of a blonde-furred creature taken last year.

The intrepid crew of Animal Planet's Finding Bigfoot series, which is currently shooting its second season to air in 2012, will be investigating Todd Standing's claims.

Until there's more information available on Todd Standing's hair samples and new episodes of Finding Bigfoot, here's a video from season one to tide you over.


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Photo by Todd Standing via the Calgary Sun website.


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