Seven Odd Animal Photos


Today is the last day of National Wildlife Federation's annual Photo Contest. Each year we hold the contest as a way to encourage people to get outside and experience the wonders of nature.  Photography is a great way to do that and what better way to capture memories than through photos that you can keep and share?

With that in mind, I'm posting some of the odder photos that have been submitted in years past.  If you have interesting wildlife and nature photos, you should enter the contest today!

I have no idea what this meerkat is doing, but it sure looks funny!

Animal grabbing his tail

Meerkat photo by Amber Mitchell.

This male treefrog can inflate his throat to almost the size of the rest of his body while calling for a mate.  Bizarre!

Frog bubble
Treefrog photo by Hope Kaiser.

It takes a while for baby sandhill cranes to get the knack of using their long legs!
Baby birds learning to walk
Sandhill crane photo by William Kleinfelder.

Looks like an odd place to choose to take a nap, but I guess black bears are less picky than me.

Bear sleeping
Black bear photo by Maggie Bond.

Marine iguanas look like miniature Godzillas!

Spiked lizard
Marine iguana photo by Richard Renn.

Looks like these marabou storks know how to have a party! 

Birds at table

Marabou stork photo by Ivan Kuzmin.

This chipmunk might only be a rodent, but here he stuffs his cheeks right out of the "royal red goblet."

Chipmunk have a drink
Chipmunk photo by Elaine Davis.

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