Bigfoot Face Print Documented?


Check out this photo which purportedly shows the faceprint of a Bigfoot on the window of the pickup truck.  There's a press conference happening today at 4pm (Pacific) to shed more light on this interesting photo, which is being billed as "the most convincing evidence of Bigfoot since the Patterson film of 1967."



What do you think?  The photo is reported as being taken in the High Sierras of California over Memorial Day Weekend in an area with a history of Bigfoot sightings.  It is supposed to show the print of the a Bigfoot face and upper torso. 

If this is all the evidence they have to show, I doubt this photo is going to convince anyone since it seems like it could easily have been faked.  Hopefully more compelling context and evidence will be revealed at the press conference later today, and if there is, you can expect that I'll be blogging about it here.

In the meantime, enjoy this video from my favorite new TV series Finding Bigfoot, which does show some very interesting footage from a police cruiser cam in Georgia.


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