Odd Rodent Rediscovered!


Conservationists in Colombia, South America recently had an unexpected surprise: the rediscovery of a  mammal that hadn't been seen for 113 years! 

Known as the red-crested tree rat (Santamartamys rufodorsalis), the guinea pig-sized rodent was throught to be extinct until one randomly emerged from the forest at the El Dorado Nature Preserve.   Researchers Lizzie Noble and Simon McKeown were looking for amphibians and just happened to be standing right there at that very moment and were able to snap a few pictures before the little critter headed back into forest.

Not only was the rediscovery completely unplanned and unexpected, the red-crested tree rat is oddly cute!  My favorite part is its multi-colored tail. 

Check out the pictures below and learn more about this Critically Endangered animal here.

Red Crested Tree Rat
Red Crested Tree Rat 3
Red Crested Tree Rat 2


All Photos: Lizzie Noble/ProAves.

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