Croc Rides Hippo


This sure is an odd way for a crocodile to get around!  Wildlife guide Mark Johnson snapped a series of photos in Tanzania showing a juvenile croc that, caught in the middle of a hippopatumus fight, clambered on the back of nearest hippo to avoid being trampled.  It rode on the back of the female hippo as she exited the fray and once she was in the clear, the croc slid back into the water and headed for a quieter spot on the river bank far from battling behemoths.  

Croc Rides Hippo

(Photo via Daily Mail.)

That was a wise move because, after all, hippos are known to be the most dangerous animals in Africa.  Even large, adult crocodiles stay clear of hippos, as the below video shows.  As you watch the video, you'll also notice some odd behavior on the hippo's part.  Hippos are grazers and primarily feed on grasses, but this ones shows a strange interest in the antelope carcass it bullies off of the croc.


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