Extinct Creature Caught on Video?


The thylacine, also called the "Tasmanian tiger" or "Tasmanian wolf" even though it's not a feline or a canine, was a carnivorous marsupial once native to Australia. Unfortunately, the animal was wiped out by people in its last remaining stronghold, the island of Tasmania.  It is now officially considered to be extinct, with the last known living individual dying in the Hobart Zoo in 1936.

Thylacine FLICKR

But there are some that believe these strange predators still survive in the remote Australian wilderness.  There are occasional sighting reports as well as potential tracks, scat and kills, although none can be definitely said to be those of a living thylacine.

The first video below shows historical footage of a living thylacine.  The second video was released this month and the man that shot the footage in 2009 claims that it shows a living thylacine.  What do you think?


Thylacine photo via Flickr Creative Commons.

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