Woman Fights Off Bear With Zucchini


Black Bear FLICKR gainesp2003 A Montana woman was recently confronted by an angry black bear and survived to tell about it.  The bear, attracted to the woman's yard by fruits and berries growing nearby as it went about trying to fatten up for the winter, first attacked one of the woman's three dogs when she let them out to go to the bathroom around midnight.  When the woman saw her dog being attacked, she kicked the bear, which then attacked her in return.  The bear swatted her with its paw, tearing through her pants and scratching her, and she fell backwards through the doorway into her kitchen.  Thinking quickly, she grabbed a large zucchini that was sitting on her counter and flung it at the bear's head, causing it to flee and not return.

Luckily, both the woman and her dog were OK, and the incident didn't end up with someone shooting the bear.  With that said, is it just me, or does this sound like a Monty Python skit?

VIDEO: This strange tale even has NBC's Ann Curry laughing!

Photo by gainesp2003 via Flickr.

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