Big Cat in NJ


My cousin sent me this news story about two sightings last week of a "large cat" in the town of Manalapan in Monmouth County, New Jersey (which is right near where I grew up).  One witness reported the cat chasing a deer across the road.  The other witness, who was an animal control officer, reported that the cat he saw in the woods near the first sighting had a long tail.  And it's not the first time a large, long-tailed cat has been reported in New Jersey.

Cat Track NJ Here's a photo of a track found near one of the sightings last week. 

I have some thoughts on what it could be but I'm interested to hear from you.  What do you think it is?  What do you think should be done when an odd animal makes an appearance, or a normal animal shows up in an odd place?

Photo by Manalapan Police.

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