Big Cats in Australia


Jaguar Panther Babirusa WIKI I've posted a few times here about big cats allegedly appearing in places where they shouldn't logically be found, Ohio and Great Britain to be specific.  It seems that we can add Australia to the list.

Unlike Great Britain, which still has a remnant population of wildcats, or Ohio, where the cougar once roamed, there are no native cat species in Australia (although there are several marsupial species called quolls, that while completely unrelated to true cats found on other continents, are often referred to as "native cats" by locals).

Check out this Australian news report about sightings and livestock killings in the rural countryside of New South Wales.  What do you think?  Misidentified housecats?  Escaped zoo cats?  Or something new to science?

Photo: Babirusa via Wikimedia Commons

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