Kitty on the Bus


Casper Cat Photo PA Cats are secretive and elusive creatures.  Many cat owners have had their pet go missing for hours or sometimes even days, only to have the cat reappear and act as if it had never been gone and giving no clue as to where it was.  Usually, the kitty was just napping under a bed or in a closet, enjoying an overnight walkabout in the woods, or even cheating on its loving owner with another family who offered treats and pettings.

But not Casper.   For years, this English kitty-cat has been hopping on the bus that stops outside his home and riding it for the entire 11-mile round trip.  His owner had no idea where Casper was going until recently.  The bus drivers keep an eye out for the elderly cat and make sure he gets off at the right stop.

Next time your cat goes missing, remember Casper and check the bus station! 

VIDEO: Watch Casper ride the bus.

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