Baby Elephant Charges and Shows Everyone Who's Boss


This video of an elephant calf charging a vehicle will provide you with your daily dose of SQUEEEE!  

I love two things about this video. The first is the tiny little leap the little guy does after he charges. The second is how amazingly similar in body movements and innocence that this elephant is to a human child.

It's just another reminder that we have so much in common with our fellow species. 

Via Laughing Squid

I'm the boss!!

Elephant Calf

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Rats Are Smarter Than You Think


Rat Flickr Rebecca LaiRats get a bad rap, but they are actually fairly intelligent animals. This video shows just how smart and trainable rats really are. Incidentally, domestic rats like these are desceneded from Norway rats, the most common "city rat" species, found across the world. It's no wonder they've been so successful when you see what the rats in the video below are capable of doing.


Photo by Rebecca Lai via Flickr Creative Commons. 

You Wish Your Cat Was This Smart


Cats have a penchant for unrolling the toilet paper as a fun way to pass the time. Normally, this creates quite the mess and angry cat owners. But this cat is one step ahead of the game. Named Willie, he's learned an amazing way to not get in trouble with his toilet paper unrolling pasttime.  Check it out.

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Tabby Cat Flickr Alex Pepperhill

Photo by Alex Pepperhill via Flickr Creative Commons. 

Happy International Beaver Day!


Did you know that April 7th is International Beaver Day? Enjoy this most important of days with Animal Planet's "Best Dam Beaver Playlist."


  Beaver Day

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Beaver Helen Haden Flickr

Photo by Helen Haden via Flickr Creative Commons.


Deer Visited by UFO

A friend of mine shared this with me on Facebook and it's pretty interesting. It shows images from a trail cam of some deer in a field in Mississippi. The camera also caught some strange lights. Take a look at this video and let me know what you think it is. Trick of the camera? Dust particles? Or something else? 


ABC US News | ABC Business News

Key Deer Cayobo Flickr

Photo by Cayobo via Flickr Creative Commons. 

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