Meet the Vegan Black Metal Chef


What does this bloodthirsty looking black metal chef have to do with animals in the news? Well, Brian Manowitz is not your typical black metal chef (if you can call any black metal chef typical), but a vegan black metal chef. So in fact this Animal News post lacks anmals completely.

With over a million views in less than a month with the first episode “Vegan Black Metal Chef: Pad Thai” the vegan world is thanking this metallic overlord for giving a new, entertaining, spin to what many people consider 'boring food.'

In his show, the black metal chef mercilessly crushes the peanuts into a fine powder and slaughters tomatoes with hair-raising knives, all while "singing" his recipes. The juxtaposition is priceless. 

Why does he do it? Besides the cold-blooded chopping of some innocent vegetables, his pad thai is cruelty-free.

According to an article in the Washington Post, Manowitz became vegan in college at the suggestion of a girlfriend. Instead of thinking of individual foods, he thinks of whole meals that don’t include any animal products, but are equally delicious and fun to make.

And so, as he funnels the heat of Satan into his cooking pot and chips veggies on a demonic altar, he presents us a completely animal-friendly and delicious looking dish.

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