Gorilla Brothers Reunited And It Feels So Good [PHOTO]


Gorillas reunited and it feels so good

Gorilla Hugs All Around!

Two Silverback gorilla brothers, 13-year old Kesho and 9-year old Alf, were reunited at a Longleat Safari park in the U.K. after spending three long years apart. Upon seeing each other, the brothers greeted each other with a gorilla-sized hug.

Before they were separated, Kesho and Alf both lived at the Dublin zoo, but eventually, Kesho had to part ways with his little brother in order to carry on the gorilla name.

Zoo keepers were apprehensive about the reunification of the brothers since male gorillas are known to be aggressive towards other males. However, both Kesho and Alf displayed friendly behavior and showed signs of recognition of their long lost siblings.

Source: ITN

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