How Long? Lolong. Ginormous Croc Caught in Philippines


After a three week search, dozens of villagers and a hunting team were able to capture a 21-foot, 2,370-pound seawater crocodile that may be the largest one ever captured in the Philippines.  "Lolong," as the monster croc has been dubbed, is estimated to be at least 50 years old and has been blamed for a pair of fatal attacks. It took roughly 100 people to pull the beast from a creek by rope and then hoist it by crane onto a truck.


Villagers suspect the animal of fatally attacking a farmer in the town of Bunwan, as well as a 12-year-old girl who was killed in 2009. "The community was relieved," said Rollie Sumiller, one of the crocodile hunters who led the three-week hunt for the beast, told the National Post.

But the villagers are not resting easy just yet. Sumiller and other experts are now searching for an even bigger crocodile believed to be loose in the region.

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"We’re not really sure if (the one captured) is the man-eater, because there have been other sightings of other crocodiles in the area," Sumiller said. In an telephone interview with the AP, he elaborated on the other sightings, saying "there is a bigger one, and it could be creating problems.

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Lolong Now Bound for Stardom

But don't worry, you needn't shed any crocodile tears for this big guy, as it is against Filipino law to kill a crocodile, the reptile will instead star in its own exhibit at an ecotourism park.

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