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Smiley Black Lab Becomes First Canine Archaelogolist



Black Labrador Becomes The First Canine Archaelogolist
Source: The Courier-Mail


Bone-digging Specialist

Migaloo is a black labrador retriever who has become the first certified archaeology dog in Australia. She works with archaeologists hoping to uncover grave sites all over Australia and, eventually, ancient civilizations all over the world.

So why is Migaloo uncovering histories of the world? Simple. Dogs have an exceptional olfactory system, allowing them to sniff out the faintest of odors. This makes bone detection a breeze, even if it lies beneath layers of earth. Migaloo, in particular, took part in a six-month long training exercise which included field trials and uncovering a 250 year old remain from a native burial site.

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Migaloo also holds the world record for the oldest bone discovered by a dog after digging up a 600 year old human bone buried more than 6 feet under ground. The previous record was a 425 year old human bone set 25 years ago by a cadaver dog named Candy.

Keryn Walshe, an archaeology researcher at the SA Museum said that Migaloo was able to find the first of four burial sites in under a minute. “She was spot on” said Walshe to


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