Shelter Dog Runs Away To Visit Owner In Hospital [VIDEO]



Zander the Husky was so upset when his owner was hospitalized last week that he broke out of his home in Bay Shore, New York and walked two miles to the hospital his owner was staying in to pay him a visit! Zander had never been to the hospital before and it is believed that he was able to amazingly track the scent of his owner all the way to the hospital. That is one super sniffing dog!

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Zander's dad, John Dolan, was hospitalized with a skin condition last week. Zander took Dolan's absence really hard and accordint to Mr. Dolan's wife,  Zander  sulked and even cried. Inconsolable, Zander took it upon himself to find Mr. Dolan at the Good Samaritan Hospital Medical Center two miles away, crossing a busy four-lane highway to get there. They believe he was tracing Mr. Dolan's scent. Amazing! 

Adopted from a shelter and nursed back health five years ago by the Dolans,  Zander is another shining example of why rescue dogs rule!

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