Neglected Ducks Learn to Swim for the First Time [VIDEO]


Photo: WoodstockSanctuary/Youtube

In a heartwarming video provided by Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary, we get to witness a group of adult ducks experience the water for the first time.

Rescued from a horrific animal hoarding situation, the ducks are understandably apprehensive at first when shepherded by their rescuers toward the water. After a while, though, they start to get the hang of it, until eventually something just 'clicks.' At that point things erupt into nothing less than an all-out celebration.

The ducks can be seen splashing, playing, and seemingly overcome with jubilation. View the video for yourself here:


The ducks were among about 160 birds, including geese, turkeys and chickens, which were rescued by the Sanctuary after a year-long effort to bring them to safety. The birds were kept in crammed, filthy cages and never released by their owner. Since many of them were suffering from ailments due to the abuse, rescuers provided veterinary care and nursed them back to health before introducing them to the pond.

It's remarkable to watch the ducks' instincts kick in. They do act a bit clumsy at first, but their eventual ease in the water shows how innate their behavior is. It is almost as if they had been reunited with a long-lost twin! It also goes to show how abusive it can be to keep these animals away from their natural habitat.

The Woodstock Sanctuary can't do the work they do without help from donors. You can make a contribution to their efforts by giving what you can here. You can also apply to adopt one of these inspiring ducks, if you think you can provide them with an adequate home.

By Bryan Nelson

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