Ginormous Mystery Eyeball Found On Beach [PHOTO]



Mystery eyeball found in Florida
Someone is going to need one heck of an eye-patch.


Someone is going to need one heck of an eye-patch....

A huge, softball-size eyeball washed up on the shores of Pompano Beach, Florida this week, and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission has sent it off for study to identify the unfortunate mystery creature to which it belongs. The mega-baby-blue eyeball has been placed on ice for safe-keeping.

Found: One XXL Baby Blue

All that's known about the ginormous orb, separated from its owner, is that it's big and it is blue. The Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission has shared the photo on its Facebook page, where commenters are suggesting everything from a giant squid to Bigfoot. 

Who do you think it belongs to?!? Did a mermaid lose it during a underwater sea scuffle? 

photo: Florida FWCC Facebook Page

-Janet McCulley

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