So A Bear Walks Into A Chocolate Shop [VIDEO]


Bear Walks Into Candy StoreThe Sweetest Bear Story Ever...?

When Jo Adams checked into her Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory store earlier this month in Estes Park, Colorado, she noticed some tell tale signs that an intruder had broken in: chocolate was moved around, candy bins were tossed across the room, and dirt was on the counter.

She had initially thought this was the doing of a nut-hungry squirrel and called her son to help her find the vermin (which she believed was still inside her store). After finding no signs of furry animals hiding in the store, they turned to the security footage, hoping it would lead to the location of the furry criminal.

As Happy As A Bear In A Chocolate Store

What she found was footage of a grown black bear having the time of his life! The bear can be seen peering through the entrance, scouting small store. Eventually, the bear entered by propping open the door with his legs. Apparently, the door had a faulty lock that made it possible for the bear to break in easily.

As for the chocolate, the bear apparently preferred dining al fresco, as he would grab a handful of the sweets and enjoy munching the morsels outside.  He made a total of seven trips coming in and out of the store with the goodies at hand.

His favorite treats, according to Estes Park News, include chocolate-covered Rice Krispies Treats, peanut butter cups, English Toffee, and chocolate-covered cookied called "cookie bears," of course!

Source: Huffington Post






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