London Pawlympics 2012: Zoo Animals Fight For Gold [VIDEO]


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What Do Armadillo Log Tipping, Penguin Diving, And Owl Races Have In Common?

While the athletes of the 2012 London Olympics received glory and gold, the animals at the London Zoo showed their athletic side in competing for tasty treats. The competition was nearly as fierce as the Olympics, but was fortunately free of drama queens and white-knuckle-inducing flame-outs!

The athletes of these lesser-known games included rambunctious rats, merciless meerkats, antsy armadillos, primed penguins, and last but not least, owls.

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A few of our favorite atheletic events include Amaradillo log-tipping, a physically demanding sport and Penguin diving competitions because who doesn't love penguins?

The winner of the whole event: a small owl named Bob, who won fans over for being a feathery underdog (...or underowl?) in a competitive racing event.

Source: ITN News / Washington Post



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