Designer Makes Sofa With Built-In Cat Tunnel


Chances are your cat already makes a jungle-gym out of your furniture. So maybe it's time to just throw in the towel and get this sofa for your pet.

The Cat Tunnel Sofa is a new design by South Korean designer Seungji Mun, intended to keep your cat entertained while you relax. A cat tunnel is inconspicuously interwoven into the sofa's arm rests and back stop. The tunnel opens up in at least three places, optimal for your cat to successfully stalk your fingers, hair and feet.

“For humans, the cat tunnel sofa is just a comfortable sofa, but for the cats, it is their playground and a comfortable bed,” Seungji Mun told Gizmag.

Cat owners with ripped up furniture due to their cat's kneading will probably wonder where the scratching post is located; Perhaps that will be included on the next model.

Mun designed the sofa with the aim of "enhancing the harmony between human and pet." Its chic, clean, modern design will certainly help improve your personal sense of feng shui, even while your cat deviously tries to sabotage it. Of course, the sofa should also help keep your inside cat from getting into trouble due to boredom, and that's priceless.

Early trials of the sofa have shown that cats take an immediate liking to the design. It only took a short time before they began exploring the tunnels.

In the future, Mun hopes to prove that he's both cat and dog friendly. “Later on, through my designs I want to inform people how serious abandoned dogs and environmental problems are. I will explore ways to solve these problems,” he said.

The Cat Tunnel Sofa is currently planned to hit the market by early 2013. You will be able to find it for sale on the pet dedicated website M Pup.

By Bryan Nelson

Source: Seungji Mun, via Gizmag.

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