Cowa-BAAAH-nga! Surfing Goats Hang Four Hooves [PHOTO]


Goats ride on a surfboard

Not BAAAH'd for Haoles

Now this is something you just don't see everyday. Two goats, Goatee and Pismo, rode the waves at San Onofre State Beach in California and showed off their spectaular surfing skills this past weekend where they wow-ed beachgoers nearby. 

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Tired of sitting around and chewing their cud?

Dana McGregor, the proud owner of the two goats, said the goats began surfing after he realized they needed a hobby.

McGregor took Goatee surfing for the first time after getting her to clear his backyard of unwanted plants. Pismo took up surfing a few month after his birth to Goatee.

What do think of this? Should goats really be surfing or do you think they are better suited for tap dancing on car hoods? (Seriously.)

-Janet McCulley 

Source: Washington Post

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