It Ain't No Thang: Dog Herds Siberian Tigers [VIDEO]


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Herding Cats Made Easy

Solo, a border collie at a South African wildlife reserve, has apparently found sheep herding life too mundane for his liking. In actuality, Solo doesn't have any sheep to herd, so he used his natural instincts with an entirely different species - Siberian Tigers.

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King Of The Tigers

Solo grew up with the majestic tigers since their birth and considers them a part of his pack. While Solo currently serves as top dog in charge, we suspect that may not last much longer after the cubs grow an extra 600 pounds.

But for now, Solo is enjoying his role with the tigers. He follows the tigers when they go out and rounds them up when it's time to go home.

Does your dog herd other unlikely creatures or people? Share your stories below!

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- Janet McCulley

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