Zoo Elephant Rocks Harmonica [VIDEO]


elephant plays harmonicaIn what could be the abosolute cutest thing we've seen since this dog, Shanthi the elephant at the National Zoo in Washington is developing her musical chops by playing a harmonica with her trunk.

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Creative zookeepers attached a harmonica attached to her stall after elephant keeper Debbie Flinkman noticed that the 36-year-old Asian elephant was 'musically inclined.'

”Shanthi also likes to tap things, flap her ears against objects to make noise and rub her leg up and down shrubs to repeat noises," Flinkman related to the Daily Telegraph.  The zookeepers apparently need not even prompt Shanthi play the harmonica, as she has developed an inifinity for the craft simply on her own.

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Shanthi was a gift from Sri Lanka and according to her musical coaches/zookeepers, tends to favour making songs that end in a crescendo.

Check Shanthi rocking the harmonica in the video below:


Photo source: National Zoo

-Janet McCulley

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