Are Noodlers Needed in Southern Florida?


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Southern Florida has an unwelcome visitor - a species of armored catfish that are wreaking havoc by causing coastal erosion along the area's lakes.

According to Yahoo! News, this particular breed of catfish, the Loricariidae, are a "non-native and invasive species" with spiky fins and rugged scales along their back. While most breeds of catfish are more easily caught, this particular breed isn't baited by fishing hooks. Often nets and spears must be used.

But according to River Monsters host and extreme wrangler Jeremy Wade, a tactic familiar to many Animal Planet fans might be more conventional.

"When they're breeding you can catch them by hand in their holes; that's what they do in the Amazon, where they are considered a delicacy," he said. "The flesh has no bones to speak of but you have to be careful of the armour because when you cut the fish up this becomes like pieces of broken glass. [...] Send some noodlers from Oklahoma there, and they will clear them out!" 

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- Jodi Westrick

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