Entirely Purple Squirrel Found in Jersey Shore Backyard


Purple squirrel

Purple Squirrel Mystifies the Masses

An entirely purple squirrel, fur and all, was found in Jersey Shore, Pennsylvania last weekend by Percy and Connie Emert. And when we say purple, we mean completely purple - as in, every hair on this squirrel's body is purple - he doesn't just have purple highlights.

Connie Emert was the first to spot the purple squirrel on her property, but upon sharing this news with other friends no one believed her. "I kept telling my husband I saw a purple one out in the yard. 'Oh sure you did' he kept telling me,"  Emert told Accuweather.com

As of this writing, no one seems to know why the squirrel rocking a purple hue.

purple squirrel

"We have no idea whatsoever. It's really purple. People think we dyed it, but honestly, we just found it and it was purple," Emert related to Accuweather.com. After trapping the purple perp The Emerts plan to release the squirrel back into the wild in the next few days.

Purple Theories Abound - What's Yours?

willy wonka blueberry girlVarious curious individuals are currently investigating why this squirrel is purple. Did he get into purple ink or purple paint at some point? Did he eat one to many purple berries? Did he get stuck in Willy Wonka's chocolate factory and eat one too many blueberries? 

Why do you suppose this little fellow is rockin' purple fur?

source: Accuweather.com + Buzzfeed.com

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