Skechers Super Bowl Ad Promotes Animal Cruelty? Activists Say Yes


Greyhound-crueltyNBC plans to air a Super Bowl commercial that uses greyhound racing to show how fast Skechers' new sneakers are. But an undercover investigation by has revealed that the Tuscon, Arizona dog-racing track that serves as a backdrop for the Skechers commercial is notorious for extreme animal cruelty, according to animal welfare group GREY2K USA. 

The questionable TV spot features the jersey-clad racing dogs being outraced by Mr. Quiggly, a scrappy French bulldog sporting a quartet of Skechers. Last year, Skechers used reality TV queen Kim Kardashian to plug its line during the Super Bowl.

With nearly 100 million viewers expected for Super Bowl XLVI, animal advocates fear the ad will effectively glamourize an industry so synonymous with animal cruelty that it's outlawed in 38 states. GREY2K USA, a national non-profit Greyhound protection agency dedicated to ending dog racing, recently published findings of an undercover investigation that exposed the Tuscon Greyhound Park’s cruelty to Greyhounds.

Couldn't Skechers Have Come Up With a More Responsible Metaphor for "Speed" Than Dog Racing?

“This is a thoughtless promotion of greyhound racing,” said Christine Dorchak, co-founder of GREY2K USA, a nonprofit greyhound protection group based in Massachusetts. Dorchak worries the spot will glamorize a “cruel and inhumane sport” that is not sexy by any means, and one that costs thousands of gentle dogs their lives every year.

greyhound crueltyThe racing issue is much bigger than just one track in Tuscon, according to GREY2K. Thousands of dogs each year suffer a life of confinement, broken legs, cardiac arrest, spinal cord paralysis and broken necks in the dog racing industry. When the dogs are no longer profitable, they're killed.

Send Skechers and NBC a Message & Take a Stand for Greyhounds!

GREY2K has started a petition on asking NBC not to air Skechers' commercial during the biggest American sporting event of the year and they are asking fellow animal lovers to sign GREY2K USA's petition telling NBC to take a stand against animal cruelty by refusing to air Skechers' new commercial. You can find the petition at

Super Bowl ads are the most sought after slots on the air all year and NBC wouldn’t have any trouble replacing Skechers' ad with another. All that's needed is enough of a public outcry to get the broadcaster to drop Skechers’ ad promoting dog cruelty.

What do you think about Skechers & NBC's choice to air this ad? 

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