On Valentine's Day, Say it With... Cockroaches



NEW YORK, Jan 24, 2012 (AFP) - Shakespeare asked if he should compare his lover "to a summer's day." A New York zoo suggests cockroaches instead.
Ahead of Valentine's Day next month the Bronx Zoo wants New Yorkers to pay $10 for the right to give their sweetheart's name -- or perhaps that of an ex -- to one of its Madagascar hissing cockroaches.
For $25, lovebirds can name a cockroach couple.
"There is no better way to say 'forever' than with the gift of a cockroach.
The Wildlife Conservation Societys Bronx Zoo is offering a light-hearted way to make sure your loved one knows your feelings are forever -- with a roach in their name," the zoo said in a statement.
"Each gift comes with a colorful certificate emailed to your loved one announcing that a cockroach has been named in his or her honor."
To sweeten the deal, the zoo is also offering boxes of chocolate replica cockroaches.

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