Huge Tiger Quietly Lounging on Houston Rooftop Causes Stir



Quietly, very quietly lounging. Nary a peep was made.

Dozens of people began frantically dialing 911 in Houston, Texas this week after spotting an eight-foot long animal perched on top of an abandoned hotel, apparently pausing to catch a bit of shut eye. However, upon closer inspection by local fire-fighters, it became clear that they were dealing with a ferocious cat, but instead the most relaxed tiger they'd ever come across - because it was a life-sized stuffed tiger! Wha?!

As firefighters approached the vicious predator, a simple nudge coaxed it from its ledge to the ground below.


A Dramatic Rescue Caught on Tape

How many firefighters does it take to rescue a stuffed tiger from a ledge? Seven to be least in Houston, including three men on a cherry picker who were sent up to try and talk the tiger down. Check out the riveting footage posted on YouTube showing them carefully inching towards the beast.

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So far it is unclear how the beast ended up on the ledge of the abandoned hotel, but fire crews said it had to be removed as drivers were slowing down to look at it, potentially causing an accident.

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Photo Source: KTRK-TV

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