Big Cats Molest, Then Massacre Discarded Xmas Trees


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Who Knew Big Cats Love That Fresh Pine Scent?

In the weeks after Christmas, it's always kind of sad to see countless decorated, bedazzled and previously-adored christmas trees casually kicked to the curb - sitting lonely and forgotten, awaiting their one-way trip to the great mulcher in the sky. However, the creative keepers at Big Cat Rescue in Florida have come up with a better use for discarded Christmas trees! Every year more than 100 unwanted Christmas trees become victims of "big cat enrichment" at Big Cat Rescue - a process by which majestic lions, tigers and leopards have fun messing about with piney-fresh trees that otherwise would have ended up at the dump!

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Big Cats Get Jiggy With Pine Trees?

Check out how these beautiful big cats get all up on these unsuspecting pine trees - as they clearly love the pine scent and love to destroy them!

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About Big Cat Rescue

Big Cat Rescue is the largest accredited sanctuary in the world dedicated entirely to abused and abandoned big cats, with more than 100 lions, tigers, bobcats, cougars and other species most of whom have been abandoned, abused, orphaned, saved from being turned into fur coats, or retired from performing acts. Learn more about Big Cat Rescue here>


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