Wildly Absurd Christmas Card Promotes Wildlife Museum


ABSURD-CHRISTMAS-CARD-1Puerto Rican Mayor raises the bar for awkward family holiday photos everywhere

Jorge Santini, the mayor of San Juan, Puerto Rico sent out a disturbingly absurd Christmas card this year which features the mayor, his wife and three children grinning widely for the camera and a taxidermized leopard sinking his teeth into the throat of a most unfortunate gazelle. It is nothing short of 'awwkwaard,' ....yet awsome at the same time due to the ridiculousness of it all.

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The Snowflakes Add a Soft Touch

As it turns out, the photo was taken at the San Juan Wildlife Museum and the mayor indicates that he chose the setting as a way to promote the Wildlife Museum and the realistic natural history displays it offers. Ok - fair enough, but did they have to choose the leopard eviscerating Bambi as their main photo?

'May your dream be illuminated this Christmas,' says the card - a rough English translation according to Huffington Post.

(BTW - Check out his sassypants little 7-year old daughter on the left -- someone knows how to pose!)




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