Baby Seal Sneaks Into House, Grabs Shut-Eye on Couch


baby seal sneaks on couchBaby seal enjoys impromptu couch surfing sesh, but never manages to find remote control.

A New Zealand woman heard strange clattering noises coming from her kitchen last week and was beyond surprised to discover a wayward baby seal chilling in her kitchen! Upon hearing the clattering sounds, the homeowner, Annette Swoffer, half-expected to find her cats up to some shenanigans, but instead found the baby seal waddling about her New Zealand home.

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Better yet, upon discovery of the uninvited guest, the bold little bugger casually waddled right past Swoffer and into her living room, where he promptly plopped himself down on her couch. He nonchalantly remained on her couch, napping on and off, for 45 minutes until a Department of Conservation Officer came to pick him up! No word on which television show he was watching, but I'm guessing Animal Planet.

The baby seal, now nicknamed Lucky, likely came from nearby Tauranga Harbour and managed to cross the road, go up Swoffer's driveway and use her cat door to enter the residence. Officials told the New Zealand Herald that Lucky has already been brought back to the sea after visiting local neighborhoods twice before.

photo courtesy of Department of Conservation and Mark McKeown 



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