Feed The Birds, Do Hard Time


Bird-and-seedSeed not necessarily for the birds in Tucson

A well-intended woman in Tuscon has been convicted of illegally feeding birdseed to birds! According to the Associated Press, Arizona Game and Fish wildlife officials contacted 63-year-old Marcia Bauman several times since 2005, asking her to please stop placing birdseed on the ground where Javelinas, a dark grey peccary (not a pig, but resembles a pig), could get to it.

Bauman received a citation in June 2011 and was subsequently sentenced in Pima County Justice Court to perform 10 hours of community service and ordered to stop leaving birdseed on the ground.

Cracked Corn and I Don't Care

The Tucson-based investigators say large amounts of bird- seed and cracked corn were spread on the ground in Bauman's un-enclosed yard which attracted the Javelinas, including two that supposedly charged an investigating state agent. The pigs were later euthanized. 

Javelina's eating seedWhat is a Javelina?

Javelina live in semi desert areas of Mexico and Southwestern United States and grow to be up to 19 inches tall and weigh 40-60 pounds. They can be found in rural and semi-urban areas and are primarily herbivores dining on cacti, succulent plants, bulbs, tubers, beans and seeds. 

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