One Buck for Two Tacos: Deer Crashes Into Taco Shop Window


Deer-crashes-300x160What can you get for a buck at the Taco Mac? Quite a rush it turns out!

So a deer walks into a taco shop.... Diners at a Taco Mac restaurant near Atlanta, Georgia got the shock of their life when a wayward deer came crashing through a window Sunday afternoon. Caught on video surveillance, the 200 pound deer's visit lasted less than a minute where he eventually followed a server outside the back patio through an open door, reports WYFF 4 News.

[SRSLY? Bear cub cavorts in produce aisle at a neighborhood grocery store!]

The manager of the Taco Mac in Alpharetta, Georgia told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution the deer crashed into the restaurant last Sunday and exited the restaurant when a server opened the door to the patio. To make matters even more wierd, this particular Taco Mac is  right in the middle of Alpharetta -- where there are no woods or natural deer habitat. What was this deer after do you suppose? 

Oh, Deer

The (Mexican-food motivated?) deer did manage to lose one antler and perhaps his dignity in the whole matter, but the antler should grow back in no time.  Check him out in action below!

Want to see more crazy video? Check out some of these Animal Planet clips below!

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