Children Should Not Witness Euthanasia, Judge Rules


dog paw in handShould A Child Witness Euthanasia of a Pet?

After a two-week trial, a New York woman was convicted of child endangerment charges for allowing a 10-year-old to witness dogs being euthanized. While the judge ruled that euthanasia of the dogs in question was merited, he ruled that starting the euthanasia process in front of a 10-year-old was "egregious," according to the Associated Press.

Mona Kanciper, who operates a farm in Manorville, on eastern Long Island about 50 miles from New York City, faces up to a year in jail on the endangerment charge when she's sentenced Dec. 13. Kanciper apparently euthanized the dog by injecting it with a solution commonly used to put down animals. According to reports, the dogs were an aged Saint Bernard, a Great Dane mix that had bitten a delivery man and a husky mix that had killed a cat. He said she euthanized the dogs by injecting them with a solution called SomnaSol, commonly used to put down animals.

The girls who witnessed the unfortunate event were students who took horseback lessons at the farm, which bills itself as a horse rescue facility.

What do you think about this issue?

Unmerited euthanasia is an entirely different issue. However, if euthansia is merited (e.g., a pet with failing health that cannot be saved, an elder pet who has lost the use of their limbs), should a child witness such a thing...perhaps as a way to say goodbye to their pet? What do you think?


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