Woman Punches Bear's Lights Out to Save Dog


Woman Punches Bear Woman goes all UFC on unsuspecting bear to save 'Fudge.'

How far would you go to rescue a pet? A 22-year old woman from Juneau, Alaska has gone where likely no man or woman has gone before. Earlier this week, when Brooke Collins discovered a black bear clutching her beloved dachsund Fudge in its paws and biting the back of her dog's neck, she opened up a can of whoop-a** on the bear and punched it squarely in the nose - successfully causing the bear to drop 'Fudge.'

“It was a stupid thing but I couldn’t help it. I know you’re not supposed to do that but I didn’t want my dog to be killed,”  she explained to JuneauEmpire.com. Collins boyfriend then ran towards the bear, which appeared startled by the punch and it ran off.

Apparently, this was not Fudge's first run-in with a bear, as according to Collins, Fudge has chased bears but never been attacked before. Collins' home is near the base of Mount Juneau, where black bears are known to roam with some regularity. Fudge, who apparently is no spring-chicken, was fortunately not seriously hurt in the attack, but Collins said she is tending to the animal's wounds and keeping her inside for now. 

Bear comes back for a re-match?

Ironically, the black bear Collins punched promptly returned the following day, a Tuesday, because it was a trash pick-up day. HA! 

 She added she would never hit a bear again. (What will she do instead.. a tickle fight? A bitch-slap?)

Photo Source: Michael Penn/Juneau Empire

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